About US


Alumgostar factory can undoubtedly be known as one of the most advanced firms of façade manufacturing in Iran. Managers of this company are able to produce in high volume and precision using the latest scientific management method of production with staff available and benefit from modern devices with

• Coordination between design and production.

• Production quality control.

• observing the.

• Utilizing modern devices.

And, of course, respect the comfort and safety of the staff Alumgostar factory will be split into three sub-units:

1. Unit of CNC manufacturing (grooved composite sheet, HPL Thermo wood, wood, etc.)

2. The façade production unit, aluminum doors and windows.


Top features of the factory are as follows:

1-create the highest level of thoroughness.

2-promoting teamwork.

3-creating incentive mechanisms and continuous training of forces underlying dynamics of the system.

4. Continuous review of controlling and management systems.

Alumgostar factory’s quality control unit with the goal of controlling the product at various stages includes:

• raw materials.

• process of manufacturing the final product.

• Installation.

and specially after sales services according to the defined standards, This unit is prepared to isolate and determine the nonconforming products in the possible deal. Also ensuring of sending product safe and sound, guarantees the quality according to the employer’s demands.