About US


Alumgostar Company was establish in 11996, with the goal of supplying faced industry requirement in order to improve the view of the city and concerns of metropolis about urban engineering and with relying or long experience of institutions.

In order to reach this goal, has always tried to place the changing of the attitude towards faced engineering and institutionalizing constructive interaction culture with the employer in project on top priority by benefiting from professional and technical forces in design, production and supporting and engineering innovation and new ways of management and professionalism.

is one of the members of the Association of Iranian Industries and Mines of Iran and a Technology Center for windows and façade engineering of England.

To introduce Alumgostar Company not only there is no need to emphasize the two decade activities of this company or the number of completed projects and even devices and advanced technology available to the specialists, but what distinguishes the company and represents the activities and purposes of this company in the best way is its approach to the and offering service to the standard level of advanced countries by taking into consideration the needs of the building as a long life commodity and long-time use of indications of a project in construction industry. Although environmental standards, energy saving and etc. are not yet mandatory in our country, choosing products with such standards and specifications undoubtedly are regarded as an added value to your construction.

You have certainly seen constructions that look old and inefficient after a few years in terms of both appearance and perspective of technique and function. In addition to modern and elegant appearance, using Alumgostar Company’s products will bring simultaneously features such as insulation against the transmission of sound, compatibility with environment, optimizing fuel consumption and etc.

Certification of the prestigious universities of the world and teaching at domestic universities in the field of façade engineering, are the company’s ongoing projects that will be put into action in the near future.