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Floor-to-ceiling windows let light into spaces and open up a view to the outside. However if the crash safe features as set out in building regulations are put in place by means of a traditional metal balustrade, then this not only interferes with the view to the outside but frequently the exterior view of the façade as well. The transparent French Balcony HUECK Lambda FB is the elegant alternative. With its technically sophisticated solution it enables a uniform, harmonious appearance for modern filigree glass façades.

The glass crash protection is mounted inconspicuously with vertical support profiles onto the window frames without changing the overall visual impact of the façade. In this version glass widths of up to 3000 mm are possible. In addition to this, HUECK also offers a version with horizontal support bars for glass widths of up to 1600 mm. For protecting the upper glass edge HUECK is the first manufacturer to develop a tested, particularly discrete, solution with a flat, inconspicuous profile.

With its flexible possibilities for use HUECK‘s French Balcony offers planners and architects a variety of design options. For example, composite glass surfaces can be subtly lighted via LEDs integrated into the handrail so that they are transformed into attractive design elements, be they transparent or coloured. Electricity supply is taken care of in the overall concept and set out in understandable instructions for assembly.

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