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Double Skin Facade

Double skin façade systems are employed increasingly in high profile buildings, designed by famous Architects, using acclaimed engineering consultants, and being touted as an exemplary “green” building strategy.

The Double Skin Façade is based on the notion of exterior walls that respond dynamically to varying ambient conditions and that can incorporate a range of integrated sun-shading, natural ventilation, and thermal insulation devices or strategies. Early solar passive design exemplified in the "trombe" wall, is also viewed as a precursor to modern double skin systems. Only recently has double skin technology become analogous with explorations in transparent and glass architecture, and moreover, acclaimed as environmentally "responsible" design.

The double skin façade is normally a pair of glass "skins" separated by an air corridor. The main layer of glass is usually insulating. The air space between the layers of glass acts as insulation against temperature extremes, winds, and sound. Sun-shading devices are often located between the two skins. All elements can be arranged differently into numbers of permutations and combinations of both solid and diaphanous membranes

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