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Facade Engineering

Façades and building envelopes – which form the outer skins of buildings – project image and creative intent. Increasingly, they are also understood as important environmental moderators and key influencers in project risk and commercial success.

A thoughtfully designed skin can make a new building work more effectively for its owners, occupants and environment. It can also transform the performance of an existing building.

Sustainability is clearly a key issue in today’s construction industry, and a well-designed facade used with the different products and combinations will help bring about a lower environmental impact in the future. An engineered façade for a sustainable building will help bring down energy costs and add to the lifespan of the building. Architects, façade designers and engineers are constantly on the lookout for new ways and products to improve a building’s performance. Rain-screen assemblies, double-skin facades, rear-ventilated facades, and photovoltaic facades are becoming increasingly prevalent. The right choice of material for the building envelope, correct fabrication techniques, and the use of quality and high-performance façade systems are the key to ensure that the structures are protected from the outside elements and function at their best.

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