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Baran Tower

Baran Tower is an office space commercial high-rise building in Tehran. The building is 120 m (394 ft) tall, featuring a striking façade structure, and is currently under construction in the central part of Shariati Street. The building will be inaugurated in 2024. With a total of 30 floors, the object will stand out prominently against the surrounding buildings.

  • Scope of WorkDesign and engineering, manufacturing, and installation of almost 40,000 sq.m (430,550 sq.ft) of façade, including 22,000 sq.m (236,800 sq.ft) of the Hueck aluminum system for curtain walls and 18,000 sq.m (193,750 sq.ft) of aluminum composite panels, as summarized below: • High-rise building façade: Stick frameless curtain wall and unitized aluminum composite panels mounted on the main concrete structure and secondary steel substructures • Terrace façade: stick frameless curtain wall with different types of doors, canopies and glass balustrades • Ground floor main entrance façade: Stick frameless curtain wall mounted on exposed steel column-tree structure; including revolving doors
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  • Location:Tehran