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The Didar Garden situated in the northwest wing of Iran Mall, is surrounded by a number of famous boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. A visit to Iran Mall would not be complete without a visit to the eye-catching scenery of Didar Garden.

The garden showcases notable features of genuine Persian architecture and civil engineering next to state-of-the-art structures from around the world. This beautiful space is a modern reflection of the ancient Persian Garden.

Upon arrival, visitors are faced with a collection of outstanding elements including a multi-step waterfall on the west side and two rows of decorative palm trees planted beside a stream that passes through the garden, leading to Didar Café on the east end.

One of the garden’s most attractive features is the architecture of its glass floors installed in the stream, with suspended walls and ceiling. The materials used in this area of the garden were largely inspired by elements used in the central deserts of Iran, such as reticulated brick works and adobe. The design presents a new way of using age-old material.

Ceramic textile is an innovative industrialized system based on an interwoven steel wire mesh enclosed in a mosaic of ceramic clay tiles stacked in horizontal and vertical bands. The use of this system, especially in a suspended ceiling, constitutes a great screen against excess light and heat in summer while presenting interesting tempe red gaps between exterior and interior. This light-permeable façade or lattice acts as a natural sunscreen and reduces solar radiation.

  • Scope of WorkDesign and engineering, procurement, manufacturing and installation of all construction works, including skylight, multi- step waterfall, detailed stream, glass floors, stoneworks, suspended walls, and ceiling (flexbrick system).