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Mehr-O-Mah Tourist Complex is 6 km away from Qom on the Qom-Tehran highway (one of the busiest major roads in the country). The complex is situated on an area of approximately 40,000 sq.m (430,555 sq.ft) and has almost 9,000 sq.m (96,875 sq.ft) of internal floor space on two floors. Several common, open and public spaces can be found in the complex. One of the most impressive components of these public spaces is a kind of curved linear atrium that connects the two floors of the building and spatially integrates the entire complex. This atrium continues in one-story layers and in dividing spaces and restaurants.

  • Scope of WorkDesign and engineering, manufacturing and installation of approximately 2,530 sq.m (27,232 sq.ft) of stick system façade, including 1,540 sq.m (16,576 sq.ft) of Asaş aluminum profile system for the curtain walls, 990 sq.m (10,656 sq.ft) of aluminum composite façade, and about 35,000 kg (77,162 lbs.) of steel works for curtain wall reinforcement and substructure components.
  • Year:2011
  • Location:Qom - Tejran highway