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This governmental office construction consists of four buildings with different heights. The bodies of the buildings have been covered by diverse materials such as natural stone, glass, and aluminum.

With so many different types of materials, its wide range of colors and the tight construction schedule, this is a project whereinAlumgostar demonstrated the skills of its logistics personnel to handle complex façades.

Alumgostar managed to achieve an economic and practical solution for the building’s façade design. The technical concept reduced the number of different element formats required.

  • Scope of WorkDesign and engineering, manufacturing, and installation of approximately 32,900 sq.m (324,650 sq.ft) of stick system façade, including 5,485 sq.m (59,040 sq.ft) of the Asaş aluminum system for curtain walls, 21,345 sq.m (229,755 sq.ft) of aluminum composite façade, 415 sq.m (4,470 sq.ft) of skylight, 315 sq.m (3,390 sq.ft) of point-fixing glass façade, and 1,400 sq.m (15,070 sq.ft) of high thermal insulation windows, about 3,940 m (12,925 ft) of aluminum louver and more than 8,000 kg (17,640 lbs.) of steel works for supporting substructures.