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wo similar, single-story rectangular cube-shaped buildings were constructed in the southern part of Iran Mall, beside the musical fountains. Each of the building’s approximate sizes are as follows: 75.6 m (248 ft) long, up to 15.3 m (50.2 ft) wide, and 5.2 m (17 ft) high. The restaurant is situated on a useable area of approximately 2,313 sq.m (24,900 sq.ft).

The aluminum-glass façade system is mounted on a decorative exposed steel structure. Putting aside the façade to work with exposed structural elements is not an easy task. Faced with this challenge, Alumgostar’s engineering team demonstrated an eagerness to surpass themselves and design increasingly creative structures.

Folding aluminum-glass doors installed on the north elevation of these buildings, are the perfect connection between the inside of the café-restaurant and the musical fountain environment.

  • Scope of WorkDesign and engineering, manufacturing and installation of approximately 2,260 sq.m (24,325 sq.ft) of skylight for the ceiling system, 885 sq.m (9,526 sq.ft) of curtain wall, 150 sq.m (1,615 sq.ft) of folding aluminum-glass doors, 150 sq.m (1,615 sq.ft) of point-fixing glass façade, more than 550 sq.m (5,920 sq.ft) of exposed concrete tile façade, more than 250,000 kg (551,155 lbs.) of steel works for main structure and substructure components of the façade.