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Le Patio Restaurant in the northwest of Didar Garden, is one of the main attractions of Iran Mall.
Using special forms and materials to maximum effect, the restaurant’s design carefully articulates spaces, textures, and light to deliver its unique character. Organized as a grouping of distinct but interconnected spaces, it houses a restaurant, café, bar, bakery and a luxury VIP room. Each section is a defined independent space but nonetheless allows customers to move through freely. Although everything is connected, the space preserves a sense of intimacy.

Nowadays, with the movement to a more natural, organic lifestyle, bringing natural elements into your interior design is critical.

The green wall has several functions. It absorbs the noise produced by the customers, and the volatile organic pollutants improve indoor air quality. When done right, green walls are beautiful and functional works of art.

  • cope of WorkDesign and engineering, procurement, manufacturing and installation of about 650 sq.m (7,000 sq.ft) construction works, including stoneworks, woodworks, furnitures, green walls, bronze decorative parts, and so on.