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Matia mall

Matia Mall is situated in the remarkable Mirdamad Boulevard in Tehran, on the west side of the central bank of Iran. The daring cube-shaped building has the approximate measurements: 85 m (279 ft) long, up to 67 m (220 ft) wide, and 52 m (170 ft) high. The building is situated on an area of approximately 6,200 sq.m (66,736 sq.ft), and its usable areas are more than 84,000 sq.m (904,168 sq.ft).

The building’s envelope is integrated with ceramic tiles and different types of glass panels, including a curtain wall system and point fixed glazing (installed on glass fins, a high-strength tension rod with truss systems, and steel tube sections).

  • Scope of WorkDesign and engineering, manufacturing, and installation of almost 22,395 sq.m (241,060 sq.ft) of façade, including 6,295 sq.m (67,760 sq.ft) of the Hueck aluminum system for curtain walls, 12,100 sq.m (130,245 sq.ft) of dry ceramic façade, 4,000 sq.m (43,055 sq.ft) of point-fixed glazing, and more than 70,000 kg (154,300 lbs.) of steel works for supporting substructures.
  • year:2017
  • Location:Mirdamad, Tehran