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Curtain walling


  • The name, derives from the idea that the wall is thin and “hangs” like a curtain
  • A non-load bearing exterior skin
  • Does not contribute to the structural support of the building
  • supports no load other than its own weight and the environmental forces which act upon it

Types of Curtain Walling

  • Stick System
  • Unitized System
  • Face Cap System
  • Structural sealant Glazing System (SG)
  • Point Fixing System
  • Slope Glazing or Roof Glazing (Sky Light)

Stick system

  • Components selected to meet requirements of project,
  • Framing members delivered to site as pre-cut and machined sections,
  • Frames fixed to floor slab/structure,
  • Opaque and transparent infills glazed-in.

Advantages of Unitized Systems

  • High quality, due to tight tolerances of fabrication,
  • Factory assembled, providing
  • enhanced quality control
  • Less dependence on site installation,
  • Less site labor costs,
  • Curtain wall installation during construction,
  • No need to Climber and Scaffolding,
  • Movement in all three Axes,
  • Site workshop not required,
  • Site storage may not required.

Structural sealant glazing systems

  • Glass bonded to frame Or interior Glass using structural sealant,
  • Used as part of stick or unitized wall,
  • Glass deadweight usually transferred by mechanical means,
  • Live loads on glass transferred through sealant,
  • Used in vertical or sloping situations.